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Because We're All Busy and Want To Be In Better Shape
With just a few clicks you can start to follow Max to get in the best shape ever.
Let's be real, you have to sweat, and the more often you do that, the faster the results. No print outs, little videos and pictures. Basically you click "Go" and FitLab's smart video works you out with a fresh new session every time.

We all look, feel and perform better when we work out, but often don't have the time, expertise or access. We built FitLab to work you out with dedicated programs, created daily, specifically for you, o help you get ripped, lose weight, be stronger, have better cardio health, or to re-energize and de-stress with yoga.

FitLab helps you fit fitness into your daily lifestyle, not waste time, and takes some of the work out of working out. This will help you look and feel better, and get you results faster.

Join Now - and take some of the time and work out of working out!
Getting in shape has never been easier!
FitLab's revolutionary, intelligent interval training technology, progress tracking and easy access can get you in the best shape ever. Inside this site, our smart web based health club is all you need to get the results you want. Everything you need is right here. No DVD, videogames, machines or gym required. Use FitLab on any screen or device anywhere, anytime.
FitLab helps fit fitness into your busy days and takes some of the time and work out of working out.
It is simple and easy for anyone to use:

1. One time Sign Up where you choose body type, goals, and workout time.
2. Click on the Fitness Center then "Start Today's Session".
       FitLab then builds your fresh new personalized session for the day.
3. Then you follow along with your trainer Max, and your workout buddies.
4. Do the best you can, have fun and sweat.
5. Track your progress or just go on with the rest of your day. It's that simple!

Join Now - It's fun fast and easy to use. And fits right into your daily life.
FitLab Works You Out & Gets You In Shape... Period.
? The Smartest fitness system on the planet
It can work you out 1 million + ways based on your goals, body type, time and more.
? True Personalization
You tell Fitlab what you want and it gives you what you need.
? Dynamic Progress Tracking
Tracks and weight and workout history, and shows how you are doing over time.
? 9 Video Channels
With specific training video from Toning & Weight Loss to Strength & Sports Conditioning, even Office workouts.
? Anytime Access
You can use FitLab anywhere, anytime on a PC, laptop, TV, mobile device, etc.

Combine these and other elements and you have a true web-based gym and the most advanced, & intelligent personal fitness system ever created at your fingertips
Join Now - It's time to take better care of yourself
Whether you Love the Gym or Hate it
  • Do you want to be in better shape?
  • Do you are often too busy to get to the gym?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you want to look and feel better?
  • Do you need a more time efficient way to work out?
  • Do you want to improve the quality of your life and health?
  • Do you want to get properly worked out based on your personal needs?
  • Do you like a fresh new workout everyday that give you better results?
  • Does your schedule changes a lot or do you only have limited time to get in shape?
  • Do you want to use a scientifically proven system and get better results faster?
If you answered Yes to any of the above - Join Now
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