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FitLab provides personalized workout, fitness and wellness programming, along with tracking and tools that are dedicated to you, your body, your time and your lifestyle. This is where the world's top trainers, exercise physiologists and technology innovators have come together and created this advanced, targeted and tailored fitness system designed to help you look, feel and perform better. Check out the videos and some of our key services and features listed below. Take a test drive or Become an All Access Member Now!
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Fitness Center

With our Fitness Center you get revolutionary, totally personalized and customized full body workout sessions every day. The Fitness Center takes into account everything from your lifestyle, body type, fitness level and your prioritized interests and goals. It also considers the time and tools you have to work with and much more. FitLab then provides dedicated, tailored sessions especially for you. You can further customize on a daily basis and save your favorites. Our Fitness Center gives you what you need, not what others need...but what you need, when and where you want it! o This is a premium membership service. Select a Fitness Center membership, complete your profile and your personalized sessions, tracking and more will be ready to go. - Go and take a test drive now!
Customized Goals

Customized Workouts for your body type

Customized Workouts lengths

The Fitness Center section creates a personalized series of workout videos disigned to fit your specific needs. You can specify the duration of your workout as well as your fitness goals and trainer Max will help you achieve them. Come back every day for a unique combination of videos created just for you.
Sports Conditioning

This is mainly sports conditioning for the weekend warriors. Whether you're going boarding, skiing, or looking to get a few more yards off the tee. FitLab provides specific exercises to enhance you time and performance.

Empowerment Tools
Our empowerment tools do just that, they provide you with simple basic information to empower you and your decisions. From basic BMI, to resting BMR, to your Average Daily Burn Rate (ADBR), and your Total Daily Requirements (TDR). Knowing and using this information can help you get the results you want.
Video Channels
Our channels let members browse through focus areas and exercises that catch their interest. Here you can choose to work on a specific muscle or group in Strength and Tone channels, pick sport specific exercises in Sports Conditioning, or try office friendly moves in the Office Channel. Other channels include featured exercises for brides to be, reunions, the beach or any occasion where you want to look your best. As well as specific exercises that certain celebs may be doing to look so good.
Tracking & Tools

The FitLab progress tracking system keeps track of your workout history: when, how long, and how hard you work out. Based on your current weight, tracking also calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMI), Average Daily Burn Rate (ADBR), Total Daily Nutrition Requirements (TDNR), and your stats to date: Total Sessions and Calories Burned. This includes charts to see your progress visually over time.


FitLab addresses mobile in a number of areas. Mobile based on using a laptop, mobile based on TV at a hotel when travelling, (where available) or more commonly mobile based on iPhone or other mobile phone/communication devices. FitLab allows for all these.

Unique Benefits
FitLab is a portable, mobile trainer. You can access it anytime, anywhere. The system helps you set goals. Our trainer Max helps you achieve them. You get progress tracking to help keep you on track. You get custom personalized sessions every day. FitLab saves you time and money, either replacing or supplementing your gym workouts.
Coming Soon - integration with fitness bands